C-130 Hercules Screensaver

C-130 Hercules Screensaver

Free C-130 Hercules Screensaver will show you one of the biggest aircrafts on earth
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Airplanes have always fascinated man. The desire to fly is something very common in people around the world. When we talk about airplanes, the diversity is enormous. We can find small Cessna planes, or even the famous “ultra-lights”, or we can find huge aircraft that is several floors high and that seems to be able to hold a whole town in it. C-130 Hercules Screensaver will show you one of the biggest aircrafts on earth.

This unique screensaver will display 25 of the most awesome aircraft photos you can imagine. They will show this unique and very well recognized airplane. The C-130 Hercules, as its name denotes, is just pure power. And, if that isn’t enough, this enormous plane can carry a lot. I had the opportunity to see this airplane on the island of Cozume, it was bringing supplies and taking people out of the island after a hurricane. The plane is huge. I couldn’t believe how many things people unloaded from it, and how many people went in afterwards.

The images this screensaver offers are just great. They are of very high quality and the scenes are amazing. You will see the C-130 on the ground, taking off, flying and more. Views from below it and as its being loaded really transmit the size and power of this magnificent bird of steel. You will to watch it in different real-life situations like dropping parachuters, refueling a helicopter in mid air, and more.

You will surely enjoy watching the C-130. If you like flying, like most of us, you will probably spend a long time watching it. Just remember that you are at work, if that is the case.

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